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Robert Graham

Piano Instructor / Owner


Established in 2017, Music 4 The Future (M4TF)  is led by its Founder, Robert Graham, and driven by its’ students success and testimonials.  Graham’s primary passion is none other than the piano. As most understand music to be a universal language, Graham has dedicated his passion towards “paying it forward” by forming a competitively affordable platform for young musicians and those alike to come, learn & most importantly create beautiful music. With music being Graham’s first love, he made a life-changing decision to teach himself how to maneuver around the grand instrument, and followed up with professional study to enhance his music ability, only to be told, he had already excelled. As to date, Graham is a self-taught, well-versed pianist, complemented by diligence, detail, discipline, and sharp concentration. His commitment to his student’s growth continues to pour inspiration within the community in which he serves and the students in which he educates.

Today, Music 4 The Future  is a thriving piano lab inviting students K-Grey to join and become apart of the mission. Graham’s teaching approach is communicative to all skill levels. Students are afforded opportunities to invest in their future in music, by way of private and group instrumental study. M4TF benefits students in areas of accountability, one-on-one attention, pursuing individual interests, opportunities to develop perfect individual skills, and instructions catered to learning styles. Enrolled students are automatically opted into theory, which includes exploring the world of sight-reading, musical notation (s), proper hand positioning, chord progressions and much more! Regardless of who you are, starting from the age of five, M4TF has a plan that will work for you. Your success in the piano is inevitable through learning and fun. Don’t miss out!


Graham is no stranger to the music industry as a whole. In addition to Music 4 The Future, Graham’ s success stands on the shoulders of his self-originated Record Label (Music 4 The Future’s Record Label) and Photography Company (Visuals 4 The Future’s Photography Service)! 

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